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Thanks to prodigious translating tasks accomplished by Dr. Stanley Nuland, Vosselag has two major works, Kindem’s Vossaboki and Rene’s History of Emigration from Voss and the Vossings in America, available in English. See further descriptions below.

The year 2009 marked the centennial of Vosselag and we have additional items available to commemorate that occasion, a medallion and a stevne program with extensive biographical information on the charter members of Vosselag.


Voss Books - Vossaboki

The four volumes of the original Norwegian edition

Lars Kindem's Vossaboki (originally published in four volumes in Norwegian, 1933-1938) is now available from Vosselag in English translation by Dr. Stanley Nuland. The four volumes on one CD-ROM include:

1. Vossavangen
2. Gardssoga 1 - Dyrvedals, Gullfjordungs og Borstrands åttungar
3. Gardssoga 2 - Vinjar og Bøjar åttungar
4. Gardssoga 3 - Kvitlar, Bordals og Vikjar åttungar

This long wished-for translation is in .PDF format which makes it easy to search. Whether you use the English translation or refer back to the Norwegian original, this is an invaluable resource for research in the Voss area.

Price: $25.00 (includes shipping)

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Vosselag Centennial Medallions

Vosselag Centennial Medallion

The Vosselag Centennial Medallion

The heavy metal medallion bears the silhouette of the stone church in Voss to honor our origins and the words "Vosselag Centennial, Albert Lea, MN, 1909-2009", to commemorate the first stevne which was held in Albert Lea. Overall length: 3 3/4 inches.

Price: $15.00 (includes shiping)

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Vosselag Centennial Programs

Vosselag Centennial Program

The Vosselag Centennial Program

The 72 page program includes articles on the founding and early days of Vosselag, a chronology of officers, and biographical sketches of the charter members - many with pictures. The charter member project was organized by Vivian Gullickson White who researched and wrote most of the articles. Some were submitted by family members.

Price: $15.00 (includes shipping)

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History of Emigration from Voss and Vossings in America, by Knut Rene. Translated by Dr Stanley Nuland.

Cover of the original Norwegian edition

Vosselag now offers, in English translation, Knut A. Rene's History of Emigration from Voss and the Vossings in America (originally published in Norwegian in 1930 by Vosselag). Translation is by Dr. Stanley Nuland. In addition to history of Voss and of the extensive emigration to America, the contents include biographical portraits of thousands of the emigrants with their families, generally arranged by communities. The print edition is available in soft or hard cover. A CD-ROM edition is also available.

In book form, the complete English translation is in a set of 2 volumes with 800+ total pages. The original Norwegian version is not available except as a rare used book.

Price (total including mailing, as of July 2009; subject to change)

Orders will be collected and sent to the printer in groups. Soft cover sets may take up to 8 weeks, while hard cover sets may take up to 12 weeks for delivery. The printing is done as a "print on demand" service, with the books printed when they are ordered. This lengthens the delivery time but eliminates the inventory problem, making the books less expensive.

The translation is also available on CD in .PDF format which is readable, searchable, and printable using Adobe Reader (free software). The cost of the CD is $25 which includes shipping and packaging. This CD also includes a file of all the issues of Dr. Nuland's translations of Vossingen which are also available on this website for download

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